Most Important Things First 1


Ernest Hemingway woke each morning and began writing straight away. Some say.

In Mason Currey’s book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, one idea is very clear: doing the most important thing first every day is the best way to accomplish what you want.

It is simple and sounds promising.

However, I remember having done this a few times in the past and no sad memories follow these streams of consciousness. Therefore, here I go again.

Additionally, in the last few days, I caught myself wondering that the most important things in life are those that do not have deadlines. I have never placed deadlines in my hopes, dreams, plans, and businesses ideas. Nevertheless, all these things matter substantially more to me as a creative person with a limited amount of time than the things I am supposed to turn in tomorrow.

I am writing this for public commitment to a challenge. I will start doing this next Monday (26/10/2015), when the waters should be calmer, and will stick to it until the other Monday (2/11/2015), when I will share my progress here.